Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

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Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

Bodywork includes all types of modalities, everything from energy work (Reiki) to deep, structural work (Rolfing). And, of course, massage (usually Swedish) and deep tissue massage and everything in between. Many people often think massage is massage, but that is not at all the case. This is important to know if one is using bodywork for pain relief.

Massage, or a “relaxation” massage, is very different than a Deep Tissue massage. It feels different, and it accomplishes different things to one’s body. The goal of a massage is to get the body’s blood and lymph to flow better. This not only helps to help bring more oxygen to muscles, it also helps to rid the body of metabolic wastes that tend to accumulate in the muscles. This generally produces a very pleasant and relaxing feeling as it’s being done. Unfortunately, the feel-good results don’t tend to last very long. Also, it does not address the problems in muscles that are producing pain.

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Deep Tissue massage, and/or Therapeutic massage, affect a body in a much different way. Slow deep steady pressure is put on muscles to help change their consistency. Muscles will develop trigger points (knots), and get short and tight, and even long and tight. When this happens, they don’t function the way they should and cause pain. You can think of Deep Tissue massage as working to untie the knots and tenderize the tight muscles. Unlike Swedish massage, this does not produce a pleasant sensation as it’s being done. It’s uncomfortable at best and slightly painful at worst. However, once it’s done the muscles feel much better than before and the results tend to last much longer.

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Restoring My Quality of Life
Nov 18, 2018
Testimonial by:  B.D., MD

5 Stars

Patient with scoliosis credits Massage therapist for quality of lifeI credit Phil with restoring my quality of life, and I believe I would be in a very different place (both physically and psychologically) were it not for his skill.

I have been seeing Phil for over two years now for the treatment of low back pain and postural problems related to scoliosis. When I was sixteen years old, I injured/sprained my back, and when I sought medical treatment, I was found to have scoliosis.

After my injur… Read more

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