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Massage Therapist, Phil Gore of Wayzata, restores patience’s Quality of Life

Phil Gore advanced corrective bodywork | Wayzata | Eden Prairie | Minnetonka
Phil Gore

I have been seeing Phil for over two years now for the treatment of low back pain and postural problems related to scoliosis. When I was sixteen years old, I injured/sprained my back, and when I sought medical treatment, I was found to have scoliosis.

After my injury, I developed chronic muscle tension on the right side of my back, associated with a visible asymmetry in my back muscles. Over time, this worsened, and as I got into my forties, what had been chronic discomfort evolved into frequent low back pain. 

The muscle tension and pain in my back drained my energy, to the point that I couldn’t complete simple tasks (such as folding laundry or sweeping) without having to stop every five minutes to rest.

Patient with scoliosis credits Massage therapist for quality of life

I got significant relief from my first session with Phil, and I have noticed benefit from every single session with him since.  Because he does very deep work on specific muscles, the work can be uncomfortable, but the upside is feeling much better afterward.  And the discomfort of some of the work in session pales in comparison to the discomfort I’d be experiencing were I not getting treatment.

As a result of regular (twice monthly) visits with Phil, I now have: hardly any low back pain to speak of, much improved posture, less noticeable asymmetry in my back, and significantly more energy.

Prior to seeing Phil, I didn’t fully recognize how much my scoliosis was negatively impacting my quality of life, in part because I attributed some of my problems (such as low energy) to just getting older.

I credit Phil with restoring my quality of life, and I believe I would be in a very different place (both physically and psychologically) were it not for his skill.

B.D., MD

Phil, Massage Therapist in Wayzata, MN, Restored My Quality of Life with Scoliosis!

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